Shoe Slot Organizers

Shoe Slot Organizers


Shoe Slot Organizers – Space Saver for your Shoe Racks – Doubles your Shoe Storage space in Homes – Acts as a shoe guard and keeps your shoes hygienically clean and well aired – Convenient to use and gives decent look to your shoe rack and easy access to your shoe collection – Manufactured from High Grade Virgin Plastic so Lightweight, washable and durable – 100% Made In India product – Available in Single and Dual Colors Shoe Organizer: Adjustable Height Shoe Organizers Made in India from 100% Virgin Plastic Shoe Organizer – PERFECT FOR SHOE LOVERS AND A MUST FOR EVERY HOME. Easy to use and provides easy view and access to your shoe collection. Made from High Quality Virgin Plastic which will last for years to come. Available in different colour and Combo Options.


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